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What is Soda Blasting?
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What is Soda Blasting?

Sodablasting came about through a project to renew the Statue of Liberty in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Sodablasting is a non-destructive method for many applications in cleaning, paint stripping, automotive restoration, industrial equipment maintenance, rust removal, graffiti removal, molecular steel passivication against rust, oil removal by saponification and translocation, masonry cleaning and restoration, soot remediation, boat hull cleaning, food processing facilities and equipment.

Our process uses pure granular sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) delivered efficiently and effectively through our Stripco® Sodablaster by using a large volume of compressed air. Our Stripco® sodablaster allows the operator to adjust the soda flow with the press of a button at the nozzle. Blasting soda is an extremely friable material that has micro fragmentation on impact, literally exploding away surface materials without damage to the substrate.[1]

Removes Paint · Graffiti · Removes Grease · Tile / Rocks · Neutralizes Rust · Condensing Coils · Cleans Soot · Vent-A-Hoods · Cleans Molds · Printerís Ink · Bottom Paint on Boats · Wonít Damage Glass · Remove Paint from Fiberglass · Wonít Damage Chrome · Water Soluble · No Pitting · Works Quickly · No Warping · Non-Toxic · Non-Hazardous